Apart from extensive template code for potential student projects, we provide software frameworks for modeling Dynamic Neural Field architectures and connecting them to real or simulated robots.


cedar is a library written in C++ and since its first release in 2011 has become our main tool for simulating Dynamic Neural Field architectures and connecting them to robots. It bundles our knowledge and ideology of autonomous robotics with an emphasis on cognition, embodiment, and dynamics. The library comes with a powerful graphical interface, enabling the user to build Dynamic Neural Field architectures by drag-and-drop.


COSIVINA (Compose, Simulate, and Visualize Neurodynamic Architectures) is an object-oriented framework to construct Dynamic Neural Field architectures in Matlab, simulate the evolution of activation in these architectures, and create GUIs to view the activation and adjust model parameters online.

The framework is available from a public bitbucket repository. You can also download the zipped matlab code and the documentation of the current version 1.2 directly from there. If you want to be informed about updates and stay in touch with other users, sign up to the mailing list.

To use the full functionality of this framework, you also need the JSONlab toolbox. COSIVINA has been tested with JSONlab version 0.9.0 and 0.9.1.

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