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A not B robot experiment

Tutor: Stephan Zibner, Christian Faubel

Association field

Tutors: Christian Faubel

Reinforcement learning of sequences

Tutor: Yulia Sandamirskaya

Spatial language for robot control

Tutor: Sebastian Schneegans, Stephan Zibner, Yulia Sandamirskaya

Behavioral organization

Tutor: Mathis Richter, Oliver Lomp

Decision making in human robot joint action

Tutor: Luis Louro

Robot formation

Tutor: Sergio Monteiro

Reference frame transformation

Tutor: Sebastian Schneegans

Autonomous navigation

Tutor: Toni Machado

Following and approaching a human

Tutor: Toni Machado

Integration of verbal and non-verbal communication in HRI

Tutor: Luis Louro, Estela Bicho

Piano player - sequencing and timing

Tutor: Flora Ferreira, Emanuel Sousa , Wolfram Erlhagen, Estela Bicho

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