This page provides all lecture materials such as slides and demo videos. We also provide video recordings of all lectures from the most recent summer school in Bochum.


Embodied cognition and autonomous robotics, Braitenberg vehicles

Lecturer: Gregor Schöner

Behavior design with attractor dynamics

Lecturer: Jean-Stephane Jokeit

Neural dynamics

Lecturer: Gregor Schöner

Grounding dynamic neural fields in neurophysiology

Lecturer: Jonas Lins

Dynamic Field Theory

Lecturer: Gregor Schöner

Operations in multi-dimensional neural fields

Lecturer: Sebastian Schneegans

A DFT-based robotic scene representation architecture

Lecturer: Stephan Zibner

How to organize behaviors in DFT

Lecturer: Mathis Richter

Parsing an action sequence in DFT

Lecturer: David Lobato

Object recognition in Dynamic Field Theory

Lecturer: Oliver Lomp

Neural dynamics and reinforcement learning

Lecturer: Matthew Luciw

Learning sequences in neural dynamics: From Dynamic Neural Fields to Recurrent Competitive Fields

Lecturer: Sohrob Kazerounian

Movement generation for robot arms

Lecturer: Hendrik Reimann

Software tutorials

Lecturer: Oliver Lomp, Stephan Zibner, and Sebastian Schneegans

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